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Eureka Stone offers you the most original materials for paving and cladding. Their unsurpassable physical characteristics, both their hardness and low porosity, make them ideal for use on exterior surfaces. Materials like granite, limestone and sandstones display magnificent aesthetic qualities and are one of the best options for decorating facades, terraces and swimming pool areas. Eureka Stone also offers an extensive variety of materials with different finishes and textures which can be used for walls and floors, and gives excellent results for the whole decor.

Additionally, Eureka Stone has an extensive range of products which provide ground-breaking new possibilities for interior design. These include Natural Stones in several different finishes and sizes which can be used in original and cutting-edge solutions. Eureka has also become involved in the latest trends in interior design with its new generation of cladding, paving and flooring, which can be used in many different applications. The quality and versatility of Eureka Stone’s materials enable them to create unique and exclusive environments, which are both stylish and distinctive.